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I’ve Been Getting Around

Hey everyone. No TWSS jokes about the post title. Honestly. 😉 I’ve been hard at work, but not that kind of work. Writing work. You guys know I don’t do anything else. But I thought I’d pop in for a … Continue reading

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It’s Gotten Loud In Here

Well, I feel a little better today. I got that crit finished and my notes back to the person in question. I hope she finds them helpful. I mean, that’s why we do this, right, to help our fellow writers?

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Burning Another One Down

All right, confession time here. Sometimes, I get to the end of a piece of writing and I know it didn’t work. I don’t always have to reread it to know either. There are times when I just feel it.

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Second Thoughts

I have a small confession to make, though it feels like a huge one to me. I think that post I wrote a month ago was more of a letter from my subconscious than I realized before. I’m talking about … Continue reading

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Note To Self: Life is Not A Sprint

I know I’ve mentioned before my deep-seated need to learn patience, but I’m going to mention it again, since it didn’t sink into my thick skull the last time I mentioned it. I have to remember that it’s neither possible … Continue reading

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How Many Times Must I Drive This Home?

Omg, yes, finally, I made it! I FINISHED! Unmasked is in the can. The End written. The final count is 120,735 words. Shockingly , that’s right about where I’d last predicted, as I recall. Maybe I’m getting better at that. … Continue reading

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Follow The Tracks

WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, maybe that was a little excessive… But it was totally earned and deserved. Yeah, I’m back on track with Unmasked. I had a feeling that things would smooth out and run free again if I could just get … Continue reading

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Giving Myself Permission

I’m still struggling some with this same section of Unmasked. I have a better idea where it’s going and what I need to do. I’m working on reshaping it, but the work is going slower than I like. I know … Continue reading

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Stop, Rewind, Reboot

There’s a reason I haven’t posted in a little longer than usual. It was a wall called “story on the wrong track” and I ran into it at full speed. Ow. That’s going to leave a mark for a while. … Continue reading

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Almost There, Maybe

Cayle seems to think his job in my life is to surprise me, to take the story partially out of my hands, then twist it until he’s happy with what’s there. I’d be upset with that except that it feels … Continue reading

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