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Wearing Away My Fingers

That was one hell of a way to finish 2012. Let me go count my fingers (and thumbs) to make sure they’re still there. Remember how I figured I’d get 5k or so done yesterday? I was wrong, as I … Continue reading

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Swing Toward The End

No, not as in music and dance, and certainly not from the ceiling fan. I’m just not that kind of girl No, I’m talking about Cayle and the rapidly approaching end of the year. No, this isn’t my end of … Continue reading

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Unmasking My Illusionist

I need a writerly war cry, something that that doesn’t look too stupid in a blog post. ¬†Anyone interested in supplying me with suggestions, please apply in the comments section. ¬†Yes, this means I need one now, but I will … Continue reading

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