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Music To My Process

I had an interesting discussion with a friend on Twitter the other day about music and writing. In the end, she suggested I should do a blog post about my thoughts on the subject. After some mulling, I decided, why … Continue reading

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Art I’ve Loved Lately

I spend a lot of time on this blog talking about me, about my work, the things I’ve been writing and how I feel about those things. I don’t talk that often about the work of others that I’ve enjoyed, … Continue reading

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Gone Visiting

Just a short post today. Two announcements and a slight progress update, then I’m off to do all the things. Yes, all of them. 😉

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Lighting It On Fire

I swore to myself after I posted yesterday that I was not going to write another post today about Second Thoughts. Really, I wasn’t going to. I was going to give everyone, me included, a day off from it. But … Continue reading

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The Detonations Continue

I’m starting to think that, by the end of this weekend, I won’t be able to talk, write or think, mostly because I will have written ALL THE WORDS. Seriously, I think that’s a real danger here. I’ve never run … Continue reading

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Swing Toward The End

No, not as in music and dance, and certainly not from the ceiling fan. I’m just not that kind of girl No, I’m talking about Cayle and the rapidly approaching end of the year. No, this isn’t my end of … Continue reading

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Missing Pieces Located In My iPod

I’m going to give you all a short respite from me whining about how much editing I have to do before Friday.  There are two reasons for this.  First, I’m sure you’re tired of hearing it, and second (more importantly) … Continue reading

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