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Burning Another One Down

All right, confession time here. Sometimes, I get to the end of a piece of writing and I know it didn’t work. I don’t always have to reread it to know either. There are times when I just feel it.

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The War Zone Returns

You know, I need to teach Cayle a sense of timing, or this is going to turn into a long year. At present, his timing is worse than, well, mine. Trust me, I usually pick the worst possible time for … Continue reading

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How Many Times Must I Drive This Home?

Omg, yes, finally, I made it! I FINISHED! Unmasked is in the can. The End written. The final count is 120,735 words. Shockingly , that’s right about where I’d last predicted, as I recall. Maybe I’m getting better at that. … Continue reading

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Giving Myself Permission

I’m still struggling some with this same section of Unmasked. I have a better idea where it’s going and what I need to do. I’m working on reshaping it, but the work is going slower than I like. I know … Continue reading

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Almost There, Maybe

Cayle seems to think his job in my life is to surprise me, to take the story partially out of my hands, then twist it until he’s happy with what’s there. I’d be upset with that except that it feels … Continue reading

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Wearing Away My Fingers

That was one hell of a way to finish 2012. Let me go count my fingers (and thumbs) to make sure they’re still there. Remember how I figured I’d get 5k or so done yesterday? I was wrong, as I … Continue reading

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Always Move Forward

As it’s the last day of the year, I really should do this post I’ve been thinking about for oh say the last three months or so. It’s a personal thing, that the last quarter of the year sees me … Continue reading

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Sex, Relationships and Balance in Fiction

I’ve been thinking a lot on the subject of sex in fiction. There are a lot of reasons for that, and no, 50 Shades isn’t even close to being one of them. Surprisingly, the whole debate about New Adult is … Continue reading

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Swing Toward The End

No, not as in music and dance, and certainly not from the ceiling fan. I’m just not that kind of girl No, I’m talking about Cayle and the rapidly approaching end of the year. No, this isn’t my end of … Continue reading

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Christmas Cheer

I wish I could say I’m surprised to be writing a blog post on Christmas Day. I wish I could imagine any of you being surprised at the idea for me. I can’t, on either count.  I’m not even remotely … Continue reading

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