Inching Terrifyingly Closer

So, I’ve been back from the wedding for a few days now, and I feel like I should give some kind of update on where I am with things.  I actually feel calmer right now about those things than I have in the past couple of weeks.  There are other factors contributing to my current zen state, but some of it is day-job stuff that I don’t want to talk about here or jinx.

As I mentioned before, I got the noted-up copy of Bound back from my friend, including all her edits.  I’ve been working through it for a couple of days now, a little Monday evening, a lot last night.  I’ll be doing a bunch more tonight too.  Like most editing, I don’t agree with 100% of things (I doubt that ever happens) but most of the changes are being included in some fashion.  Even the stuff I don’t agree with, I’m stopping to think about and it’s often led to a change of some kind, if not the one suggested.  I am endlessly grateful to Em for her help with this.  I’m currently a quarter of the way through this final edit of Bound, and I’m sure I’ll have it done before November 1st without having to stress even slightly over the timeline.

I can’t explain the feeling as I’m approaching this point.  An amazing, wonderful, odd mix of terror and anticipation.  The questions circling in my head, the doubts and hopes, the idea that this is crazy and awesome all at the same time. I know the process isn’t quite over, and I’m sure there will be hurdles to overcome (like how does a person who struggles to accept praise manage to market her work) and disappointments may occur (what if it doesn’t sell or worse, nobody likes it?), but I know I have friends and family who will be there for me when I need a bit of support or just a shoulder to cry on.  They’ve been there for it all so far, though admittedly, there hasn’t been a lot of crying on shoulders as yet.  I’ve done pretty much everything I can to make Bound a good, well-written story, one people will want to read, and that will have to be enough, one way or another, because it’s all I can do.  That people have different tastes is beyond my control.  I hope what I’ve done is enough.

Once I’m done this final edit, I’ll have one last look through my outline for Still They Watch in preparation for NaNoWriMo.  It’s so close I can almost taste it and I’m stoked and ready to dig into writing that book, even if there’s the same touch of sadness as when I wrote The Nine.  Saying goodbye is hard, though I know it isn’t forever with Devan the way it was with Tavis. I will be returning to Necromantic, though I suspect that’s a couple of years away.  I have other projects to write in the meantime.

On that subject, yes, Cayle’s still whispering to me steadily.  He seems to delight in shocking me, yet the story and relationships are coming out far more balanced than I expected.  There’s going to be a few interesting power dynamics at work with this one, something that will play a key role in the trilogy (No, Cayle, I will not make this a quartet for you, no matter how much you beg).  I’m currently feeling out some of the secondary characters that will be in the trilogy and where their roles and histories have taken them and will lead them.  All this will, of course, be put on hold for November except for brief notes.  I swear, Cayle hasn’t pouted about that too much.  He’ll live, honest.

I realized something interesting over the weekend.  This past Sunday marked one year since I bought my iPad, which was the start of me seriously and successfully writing.  I want to do a retrospective of that year, to look back and examine the things I’ve learned and ways I’ve grown in that time, to draw all that together into a picture.  Even as I think about writing that post, I’m amazed by everything that’s happened in the last year.  I have a moment of  wonder, thinking “Did I really do all that, learn all that?” every time I consider it all.  I’m not sure what that post will look like, or everything in it.  I’m not sure when I’ll post it, though odds are it’ll be by the end of the month, because if not, it won’t be until December, at which point I might as well wait for my new year’s eve post.  I’m going to try to avoid it becoming too self-congratulatory, because I do strive for balance in all aspects of my life.  But damn, it’s been a good year.

About Julie

I'm a writer and photographer. I always have something with me to take notes for ideas or writing projects I'm thinking about or have on the go. I also like to go around with my camera and take pictures of anything that strikes me as beautiful or evocative. I'm perpetually working on one story or another, while waiting for enough distance to judge the last one (or more). I'm always working on several projects at once, developing the next book, even as I'm editing the last. Beyond that, there's always plenty of scraps and twists of ideas rolling around in my head, eventually turning themselves into full blown stories.
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3 Responses to Inching Terrifyingly Closer

  1. Em says:

    Of course you’re welcome. I hope you find the commentary helpful! As usual I am rather in awe of your productivity and I have no doubt that you will blow November away, probably in the first two weeks. Miss you dearly and can’t wait until we can chat in person again! ❤

    • Julie says:

      Thank you! Glad you like the redecorating. I slaved over it (no, I didn’t). I did make the banner though. 😀

      I honestly think the productivity is caused by two things. 1) I don’t do anything else and 2) my process just seems to keep everything flowing fast. There are days when I wonder if this speed is going to ever slow down to something sane, or burn me out. Then again, when it’s also because the characters and stories are intoxicating, it’s hard to argue with the whole thing.

      I miss you too, soo much. Need that damn teleporter so we can just pop in for a chat, meal, coffee or write-in, whatever we feel like. I mean seriously, what’s science doing with itself that we don’t have that. They need to keep up with writers’ imaginations better. :p

      And yes, the commentary is definitely helpful. That said, you have no idea how often I’ve done the whole facepalm when you catch a missing period. I mean… Seriously. Wtf? Ghosts of edits past, I swear.

  2. Em says:

    PS Haven’t been to the actual site for a while (as I told you, I read your updates via email mostly) but just wanted to say that I love the new layout. Very cool.

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