Progressing In Delerium

Ah, the sweet sound of the water trickles down into my stressed, my overheated, my delightfully full mind.

Yes, it’s raining here in Vancouver.  It’s supposed to do so tomorrow too.  That makes me so happy.  The last few days have continued to be unpleasant in the afternoons, so this break, this wonderful coolness in the air is intoxicating.  It’s giving me urges. No, not those ones.  The one to write, to wrap myself in my characters and my world, to fall through and play in the stories on the other side.

I swear, no drugs or alcohol are being used in the writing of this post.  I think part of it is that I’m deliriously happy that this week is over.  I tweeted something earlier this week with the hashtag #weekfromhell.  Little did I know that the day job and temperatures would take that as a challenge.  Ah well, I survived and it’s all behind me for the moment.

I’m glad to say that I finished another chapter of Where The Ether Flows last night, one that required careful finessing and some reworking too.  I think it’s turned out well though. This next one will be interesting, but I don’t think it’ll fight me too much.  Of course, now that I’ve said that, I’m worried that it’s going to backfire.  Hmm, can one use reverse-psychology on a manuscript?

I still have two more chapters already marked up and ready to be edited and that should keep me busy for at least tonight and tomorrow. We’ll see.  I’ll still take it at whatever pace I need to in order to get this done right.  Of course, the outline for All Stitched Up is begging for some attention, but it’ll have to wait.  Part of being over-inspired but still productive is maintaining your self-control.  Otherwise you chase the shiny new ideas and fragmented thoughts like butterflies in the sun and you don’t get anything finished, let alone published.

And now to enjoy the next two days of living the dream. It’s the weekend, when I get to pretend for a little while that I’m a full-time writer.  Such joy, only it makes Mondays so bitter. Oh well, one day I’ll get all the way there.


About Julie

I'm a writer and photographer. I always have something with me to take notes for ideas or writing projects I'm thinking about or have on the go. I also like to go around with my camera and take pictures of anything that strikes me as beautiful or evocative. I'm perpetually working on one story or another, while waiting for enough distance to judge the last one (or more). I'm always working on several projects at once, developing the next book, even as I'm editing the last. Beyond that, there's always plenty of scraps and twists of ideas rolling around in my head, eventually turning themselves into full blown stories.
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6 Responses to Progressing In Delerium

  1. nonoymanga says:

    Very nice!!! Cheers Nonoy Manga

  2. 4amWriter says:

    We need some of that rain desperately. About a month now with no rain. It’s really bad. Enjoy your weekend as a full-time writer 🙂

  3. jmmcdowell says:

    Today is mercifully a gray, drizzly day. Exactly the kind of rain that can soak into parched earth, which we desperately need. And temperatures in the 60s are a welcome respite from the 90s.

    Somehow, I don’t see you with a butterfly net, chasing after colorful and shiny ideas. I see you as taking careful notes of what you see, but sticking to a solid path and not falling over a cliff.

    I would bet good money that you will “make it” as a full-time writer.

    • Julie says:

      Yay, I’m not the only one with semi-civilized weather today! Although mine is starting to clear up again. Damn it.

      As for the butterfly net, I kind of do, it’s just an iPad-shaped butterfly net. 🙂 They squirm a lot when you first pin them to your note pad, but then they start cooperating. 🙂 The initial stages are anything but solid path, where I follow the ideas around wherever they want to go, then build an outline from our footsteps.

      Oh god, I’m still in that mood from yesterday… Wait, this is a good thing, I think.

      And I’m glad one of us is willing to bet money on me making it. Just understand, I’m a severe pessimist when it comes to myself. It’s possibly more likely than I could ever admit to myself. I hope so, because it’s the only long-term plan I have in this world.

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