Must Resist My Netbook

Um, wait, what?  I can’t really be almost done, can I? I just got serious about working on the outline for Ether Flows and now I’m down toward the ending?  I haven’t even left on my trip yet!  Devan really must be eager to get going here. 🙂

Seriously though, I only have a few things left to get in of what I know for the whole book.  It’s really odd in it’s own way too, because technically, it’s much shorter than any of the outlines for the Mirrors books so far, and yet I feel like there’s plenty going on.  Despite that, I feel like I’m missing something.  I think I know at least some of what I’m missing, so it may get longer as I add in the odd bit here or there, but I think I’m missing something more.  I’ll have to think about it, read over the outline again and see if I can find the hole or thread in the story that I must have missed.  It almost feels like someone, rather than something, that I’m missing, but I can’t figure out who it would be, and I don’t want to things out in a way that seems… unnecessary to me at this point.  Things to mull, to consider and read through the outline while thinking of.

Maybe I can use that to keep from taking my netbook with me to start writing while on vacation.  I know my family will not take that well, however supportive they are of me and my writing.  My mother would kill me, that is an unquestionable fact.  She’ll likely tolerate me tapping away on my iPad as long as I don’t do it incessantly, but I know me and how I am when I’m actually writing draft.  I tell the whole world (beyond this blog) to piss off when I don’t have to be at work, and she will mind that.  Intensely.

Also on my mind now is the feedback I’ve received from my test readers on The Nandora Tree, which has been quite positive.  I’m trying to decide on next steps with it, other than possibly researching where I might submit it to, once I’m sure it’s ready for that, which I’m not yet.  It’s a good thing I like thinking a lot, with so much on my brain at the moment.

I did do one thing that might help keep in check my urge to start writing Ether Flows once I’m settled with the outline.  I made a pdf of The Nine and downloaded it to my iPad.  I will probably start editing it while I’m gone, as much as I can without my computer at least.  I have a decent app for marking up pdf’s, it just means that the first pass would be more in the nature of a read through than my usual method of making changes as I find they need making.  Maybe that’ll be better.  Try everything at least once, right?  If that doesn’t keep me occupied, I can either make more notes for the second book in the Necromantic trilogy or let Reah have some attention before she explodes. 🙂

This may or may not be my last post before I leave on my trip, I’m not sure.  I can’t promise how much I’ll be posting while I’m gone either.  While I know I will have some access to internet for at least most of the trip, I just don’t know how busy I’m going to be.  It’ll probably be less than I’ve been doing lately though.  We’ll see.  Oh, and there won’t be pictures when I do post, as I won’t have my computer with me, and thus won’t have my photo library.  You will all have to live without it for a couple of weeks, but I’m sure you’ll manage just fine.

In the meantime, though, here’s one for tonight at least, from my last trip out with the camera.


About Julie

I'm a writer and photographer. I always have something with me to take notes for ideas or writing projects I'm thinking about or have on the go. I also like to go around with my camera and take pictures of anything that strikes me as beautiful or evocative. I'm perpetually working on one story or another, while waiting for enough distance to judge the last one (or more). I'm always working on several projects at once, developing the next book, even as I'm editing the last. Beyond that, there's always plenty of scraps and twists of ideas rolling around in my head, eventually turning themselves into full blown stories.
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4 Responses to Must Resist My Netbook

  1. jmmcdowell says:

    It’s good not to dive into the writing if you think a character is missing from the story’s outline. Tell Devan he needs to talk with you about that while you’re on vacation. You can take notes while you’re gone. Then maybe the story will be ready to start once you’re back.

    No writing is wasted, even if we scrap it, but if you can avoid some of that, it’s always for the better. Have a good trip!

    • Julie says:

      I definitely have learned the value of unsuccessful writing when you take the time to analyze why it didn’t work. As for Devan and I having a chat, I think we will, but I’m also already getting some hints. This guy is very cooperative so for. Or maybe it’s just relief that it’s finally his turn. 🙂

  2. Celtic Forest Dweller says:

    I’m sure you’ll figure it out soon. Good luck!

    And yes, resist that urge to bring the netbook… 😀

    Hope your trip is great! 🙂

    • Julie says:

      Thanks. I apparently have too much time on my hands today, as I’m already starting to figure a few things out. I’m just not sure how I can present it without resorting to things that are nonsensical. More to think about. I’ll have time at least.

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