Sharing Is Teasing

I have a few things to share today before I dive back into preparations for my trip and, more importantly, working on my outline for Book 1 of Necromantic.  Let’s start by all putting in our ear plugs.  Trust me, you’re going to need them.

Sorry, I had to get that out of my system, really.  You may now remove the ear plugs.  I think I’m good for a little while.  Progress has been made at last on the outline.  And I do mean serious progress.  I’m trying to avoid racing ahead too quickly, letting myself think about what’s going on, think it through and where it fits in with the overall story for the book, and for the trilogy.  I’m trying to slow down enough to listen to Devan, but I forgot how wondrous it is when the thoughts and ideas start flowing like an avalanche.  Yes, I know, I just went through this not that long ago, even if we’re going back to the first book in the Mirrors trilogy.  Totally not the point.  The point is that I can feel things falling into place, on all of the story and plot lines.  Where The Ether Flows is coming together at last, probably aided by having my more or less undivided attention.  Some days, I love that new project feel.

And yes, you did read the above right, I’ve finally decided to share the tentative title for the first book in the trilogy, as I hate just calling it “Necromantic Book 1”.  I have the others in place, ones that I’m relatively happy with, but those will be shared in due time.  For now, this is enough to share, particularly since I haven’t even started writing this first book (opening bit I mentioned last post entirely aside).  I can’t promise that I’ll stay with this title forever.  I may down the road decide that it sucks, much as I did with the old title for Bound.  No, I still can’t make myself type it out, I still hate the old title that much.  I don’t think that’ll be the case here though.  This one just seems to fit.  All three are like that, and I’m a bit surprised to have them so soon.  I do, however, suspect that the name of the trilogy will change, but that’s a worry for some time probably several months down the line.  I should probably warn you, I’m almost certainly going to shorten it to Ether Flows for the purpose of discussing and tagging it in this blog, because initials could easily be misread as WTF, and I really don’t want to associate that with my book.  It’s not usually a compliment when you say that, or at least not when I say it.

I can tell the two short stories I’ve written helped me flesh out the world and the feel of it in my mind.  It’s starting to really come alive to me, and I’ll have thoughts and insights while I’m thinking about totally unrelated things.  It’s helping me get through this very long, busy week in a mostly graceful fashion.  The thinking, the feel of the project and getting through the week have also been aided by some very, very awesome music, a band I got into recently thanks to a fellow blogger.  The band is 10 Years.  I like them enough and have enough of their music that they have their own iTunes playlist on my computer (and assorted iPods), something that only two other bands have gotten.  I heartily recommend you check them out, both their studio and acoustic work.  Three songs that are currently in frequent circulation (meaning I put them on repeat one for a few hours, or all the way home from work) are Fix Me, Waking Up the Ghost and the acoustic version of Autumn Effect, each for their own separate reasons

And finally, before I leave you all for the night, a picture from one of my trips so far this spring:


About Julie

I'm a writer and photographer. I always have something with me to take notes for ideas or writing projects I'm thinking about or have on the go. I also like to go around with my camera and take pictures of anything that strikes me as beautiful or evocative. I'm perpetually working on one story or another, while waiting for enough distance to judge the last one (or more). I'm always working on several projects at once, developing the next book, even as I'm editing the last. Beyond that, there's always plenty of scraps and twists of ideas rolling around in my head, eventually turning themselves into full blown stories.
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10 Responses to Sharing Is Teasing

  1. jmmcdowell says:

    Yes, think how easy it would be to mistype WTEF! One missed letter, and the whole tone of your email could change. 🙂

    What are your characters going to do while your on your trip? I can’t see them leaving you alone for that much time!

    • Julie says:

      No, you’re right. Devan would NEVER leave me alone that long now that he has my full attention. I don’t think he leaves me alone for five freaking minutes now. Not that I mind. No, I’m taking the iPad with me, and the steno pad. I’ll have the ability to recharge, so it’ll all be good, I can keep working. I just won’t be able to start writing when I’m done the outline.

      Um, maybe I should pack the netbook. Wait, no, I’m only gone for two weeks, I won’t be ready, with a reviewed outline, to write in that time. Bad Julie, don’t get ahead of yourself…

      I blame Devan. 😀

  2. Celtic Forest Dweller says:

    Congrats! I love it when the ideas flow like that! 😀

    Good luck on that outline! (not that you need it… the good luck, not the outline) I also hope you won’t have an enormous urge to start writing the book while you’re on your trip, though I kinda think you might. 😉

    And that is a BEAUTIFUL picture! Many of your photographs continue to have an Elvish air to them. And that, from me, is a high compliment indeed. 🙂

    • Julie says:

      Thanks! You’re probably right about the urge to write. I have ways I can do it, it’s just not ideal. Still, I really should resist the urge to pack my netbook. I’m apparently going to be very very busy with family and friends for the two weeks. I’ll need a vacation to recover from my vacation when I get back.

      And thank you for the compliment about my pictures. I think it’s the heavy focus on nature that gives it that effect. I tend to just shoot plants of any variety. Gives me a good amount of colour and a fantastic variety of shapes and forms to shoot.

  3. quix689 says:

    Yay for making progress with the outline! I’m just a little bit jealous. 🙂 Although I must say, I would find WTF an amusing acronym for a book! I just hope Devan gives you a little bit of time to hang our with your friends and family! Haha.

    • Julie says:

      Thanks. Keep in mind, though, I have a few novels-worth of practice with outlining at this point and it’s the second world I’ve built enough to start outlining. I’m finding these things seem to get at least marginally easier with practice. Besides, Devan’s being cooperative and that always helps. 😀

      Trust me, my family can be most insistent. In fact, my mother’s louder and, um, firmer in her opinions than I am, which is saying something. I’ll be spending time with them, no worries. Devan will have to share. That said, they also all know how important writing is to me and have been supportive, so hopefully they’ll understand if they see me dive for the steno pad or iPad. 🙂

  4. Weather flows, hmm funny name for a book … grins .. Well done you .. ps I think you coulda made the WOOHOO bigger and badder, just sayin’….

    • Julie says:

      Lol, I was trying to keep the picture from eating the whole top of the post. I was also trying to keep from destroying eardrums. 🙂

      And thank you. I was expecting some comment about how the short name was too close to the blog name from my resident international smart ass. 😀

      • And instead you just had lil ol’ me going on about the weather *grins* I did think the flows linkage was kinda cool actually so there nyah .. Now if you will excuse me, I have to go prepare for a very hot date with a very sexy man .. I really need to update my blog. I’m the most messed up (moreso than before – WOOOHOO!) woman on this planet at the moment!

        • Julie says:

          We love you either way. You go get ready, but I’ll say that the linkage was accidental. It wasn’t until I was doing the entry that I realized it, and I’ve known the title for weeks now. 🙂 Apparently my subconscious is smarter than the rest of me. 😀

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