Brilliant Images Before Coffee?

It’s been an interesting morning here in my writer’s den (also known as my whole apartment, since I live in a very small one).  I had a good night last night, finally sentencing myself to bed at about 1 am.  Then I got up at 7:30.  No, really, I’m terrible at that sleeping in thing.  I miss the days when, as a teenager, I could sleep until noon every day.  I know, I’d get less done, but that languorous stretch in the early afternoon sun was fantastic.  My cats do it daily and I envy them every time.

But back to the point of this post, which was not that my cats stretch in the sunlight or I get up too damned early even when I don’t have to.  I’ve had this rather interesting idea for a story that’s been kicking around in my head for several years now, which actually has a title (a sign of how long it’s been around and how much I’ve thought about it).  I’ve been tossing The Looking-Glass Spell around and turning it upside so long that most of my notes for it are on actual paper, because it predates my first blackberry (a used older model, but it got me a full keyboard), my iPod Touch and my iPad.  One of these days, I’m going to have to get around to organizing and typing up these notes.  That’s usually a good sifting process in and of itself, allowing me to get rid of the chaff so I’m just left with the better ideas around the concept.  I hadn’t, however, done much thinking about LGS for years.  It got caught behind a slew of other ideas I never did much with because I was just making idea notes and not writing.  It was the period of my life where I was in love with the idea of being a writer, not to mention the rush of shiny new story concept, and terrified of actually writing.  Hard to believe I felt that way once from reading this blog, I’m sure, but it’s true.  That’s all pre-2011 though.  Last year was a major transformation for me.

Geez, I have to stop interrupting myself with tangents, or I’m never going to get anywhere in this story.  What I was saying, before I so rudely interrupted myself, was that LGS hasn’t even been on the back burner for the last several years.  It’s been in that bowl stuck in the back of the fridge so far that I forgot it even existed, let alone where I put it.  Okay, I never totally forgot it, because I’ve always loved the idea, the nugget, but I didn’t know how to treat it, or how to build it out, so I put it aside.  A couple of months ago, it started to whisper to me, in images and words and ideas for how to transform it from a seed into a real story.  It has given me hope for a lot of my older ideas, actually, but this one in particular.  Now we come back to where I started this post, the interesting morning today.

I hadn’t even finished my coffee yet, though it was in progress, when an image came to me.  In a way, it reminds me of Devan introducing himself, but this definitely wasn’t Devan, wasn’t anything to do with my favourite Necromancer. This was a woman, for one thing.  I won’t go into the whole image, because, while it’s still fresh and it is from an opening part of LGS (not the very beginning though, as that came when it started whispering again), I don’t want to spoil it.  I know, I’m evil.  Let’s just say it’s beautiful, intoxicating and give me insight into the world, the main character and someone who will be very important to him, though he doesn’t know that yet.

I really need to get those notes transcribed, but as there are several pages of it, I’m finding that a bit intimidating, especially with all the stuff I already have on my plate at the moment.  Maybe I’ll just reread them and start from scratch, letting the story and the world whisper to me the most important parts again so that I know they’re important.  We’ll see.

Hmm, I’m still enjoying that image I had this morning.  I even sat there and wrote up the part of the scene that went with it.  All this, and I hadn’t even finished my coffee.  I think my brain knows it’s a major writing weekend.

And, despite the fact that this was a completely unplanned post, here’s a picture to go with it.  No, it has nothing to do with LGS or the image that came to me this morning.  I find it amazing the way my brain will often paint even more vivid images than my camera can.


About Julie

I'm a writer and photographer. I always have something with me to take notes for ideas or writing projects I'm thinking about or have on the go. I also like to go around with my camera and take pictures of anything that strikes me as beautiful or evocative. I'm perpetually working on one story or another, while waiting for enough distance to judge the last one (or more). I'm always working on several projects at once, developing the next book, even as I'm editing the last. Beyond that, there's always plenty of scraps and twists of ideas rolling around in my head, eventually turning themselves into full blown stories.
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8 Responses to Brilliant Images Before Coffee?

  1. Israel says:

    Lovely picture as always good lady. I hope the writing this weekend goes well. 🙂

  2. Em says:

    Scribble those ideas down. You can always come back to them later. 🙂

    • Julie says:

      Idea scribbled, believe me. And then another one popped up an hour ago. They all get scribbled (or frantically tapped). All this, and I’m still writing for the day. I love this weekend so far. 😀

  3. Glad you’re having a good weekend; and that’s a beautiful photograph. I often find it impossible to get detail in petals.

  4. quix689 says:

    “It was the period of my life where I was in love with the idea of being a writer, not to mention the rush of shiny new story concept, and terrified of actually writing. ”

    I’ve been reading your blog for several months now, and I’ve enjoyed every post, but I must say that this sentence is the one that has given me the most hope for my future as a writer. You described my feelings perfectly. I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was 7, but these past few years especially, I’ve been terrified to write, sure that the story I would put on paper wouldn’t be nearly as good as the idea in my head. I’ve started to break out of that a bit, and NaNo has helped me a lot with understanding that it doesn’t have to be perfect the first time, but this entry in particular has given me more hope than anything else.

    If you were once where I sort of am now, and you’re now close to finishing the last book of a trilogy with so many other novels in various stages of planning, then maybe there’s still hope for me. 😀

    • Julie says:

      Thanks! And I’ll let you in on one of the most important insights I’ve ever had as a writer. What you write, especially first draft, will never exactly fit the idea in your head. That doesn’t make it worse, just different. You can explore it, improve on it, but let it be what it wants to be. When I realized that, I was able to get more done. Don’t let an assumption that it has to always remain the same stop you. Sometimes, a story evolves into something better than the original idea. It’s what happened to me with Bound, in fact, and that evolution led to the rest of the trilogy. It’s good to be open to change.

      I’m glad to know that you’ve got hope. That’s what we all need in order to keep moving forward.

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