Treatment Plans For Self-Inspiration

My friend Amber, at Conversing with Novels was so thoughtful as to pass me the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

The funny thing is that I am the last person I would ever point others to when looking for inspiration, but I think that has to do with a rampant case of it’s-not-impressive-if-I’m-the-one-doing-it. I’m in treatment, the doctors say it’s not life-threatening and that I can safely live the rest of my life with it if treatment doesn’t work.  They have, however, informed me that it’s not covered by any Healthcare system, and so they have been forced to mail me my invoice for services rendered.  Wait, what’s this slip of paper in the envelope with it? It looks a bit like a prescription.

  1. Thank the person who gave this to you.
  2. Write 7 things about yourself
  3. Nominate 7 blogs

Oh, wait, those are the instructions. Apparently they found them when they were researching my case. Curiouser and curiouser…

So, many more thanks to Amber for thinking of me. Now, for the (not very) juicy tidbits of information about the (very) crazy writer-lady.

  1. The first SLR camera I got to use was my Aunt Sandy’s, a Minolta X-700 that’s more or less been on perma-loan to me since she found out I wanted to get into photography. I’d still be using that if Agfa hadn’t stopped making my favourite type of film, more or less turfing me into the digital photography age.
  2. I talk to the characters in my books.  A lot. Especially when I hit a road block in either the notes or outline stages. Sometimes they tell me surprising secret things, sometimes they just tell me off.  They’re a loudmouthed, mutinous bunch, but I love them, and talking to them has so far gotten me out of every jam since I started writing all the time last fall. Thank god I live alone, though sometimes I get funny looks from the cats.
  3. Many of the writing inspirations I’ve shared on here were so shared for two reasons. First, I wanted to make sure I recorded them somewhere other than just my wall of lessons learned, and second, I’m not so much trying to inspire people as save them from bashing their heads into some of the walls I’ve bashed mine into. I know it hurts, and I’d like to try to save someone else that pain if I can.
  4. I’m never happy with my progress. In anything, really.  It’s never enough. If I write 2k per day for an entire draft, I feel the need to top it, even if that’s not reflected in my goal. The actual stated goal this time, as I write Possession, is the same as when I wrote the second draft of DM (which is ambitious to begin with since I wrote most of that draft of DM while on vacation from the day job) but I’m not satisfied with just writing 3k per night (my average at least during the portion of last time that included going to the day job). No, this time, I’m not entirely happy with myself unless I’ve written 4k, despite the fact that pace is only 2.5k.  That’s just a little sick and I’m wondering when it will be forced to end by a serious case of I-don’t-have-any-more-hours-in-the-day-for-this. I’m pretty sure you can’t get treatment for that.
  5. I rarely plan posts out ahead of time. I mean almost never. Okay, I think it happened once (not including the one I have planned for after this award post). I find it odd that they don’t ramble more because of this. I mean, I edit them. Trust me, I even tend to edit my comments on other blogs.  But strangely, all of these unplanned posts seem to stay more or less on subject, and even usually have a nice flow to them. I’m a bit amazed at that.
  6. Though I have trouble being inspired by anything I do, even when I know intellectually that it should be viewed as inspiring, I often find others very inspiring and love to tell them so, to encourage them to keep doing whatever they’re doing that I find so awesome.  In that spirit, I’m looking forward to the nomination section.
  7. If I were successful enough to do so, I probably would quit my day job and just write. It’s not because I don’t like my day job. I do like it most days. But I think that by the time I became that successful, I would need to quit the day job just so I could feel like I had time for things other than work.  Currently I work 37.5-40 hours a week on the day job and somewhere in the 55-60 hours a week range on writing. I really do dream of having just one full time job again one day, and I know I can’t give up writing. The implications are obvious.

And so, now we move on to the main event, the Inspiring Bloggers I wish to bring to people’s attention:

  1. Though I don’t wear jewellery myself, I love her work as being beautiful in their own right and, as I know her in real life, I know exactly how inspiring she is, which is to say tremendously.
  2. This gentleman often says the things I think out loud (out word?) for me or prods me into thinking about something differently.  I think that’s good for my brain, which I need for all this writing.
  3. This lady lives her life with such honesty and a beautiful mix of self-confidence and self-examination that I find it inspires me to do the same.
  4. This fabulous photographer also writes wonderful accompanying pieces that never fail to touch me.
  5. This lady makes me look back at myself at that age and realize how little I had my stuff together. But that inspires me to keep it together now, so it’s all good to me.

Yes, I know that’s only 5.  I’m cheating. Again. I’ve just done enough of these things to realize that the number they ask for is arbitrary.  I would rather people just nominated those they feel it’s appropriate for, rather than adding to the list just because it isn’t long enough. That and several of the people I would love to give this to already have it, which just means other people have good taste too. 🙂

In closing, I want to leave you with this link, which made me laugh and think at the same time, my favourite kind of inspiration. I couldn’t not share it.

Daniel Abraham’s Private Letter From Genre To Mainstream


About Julie

I'm a writer and photographer. I always have something with me to take notes for ideas or writing projects I'm thinking about or have on the go. I also like to go around with my camera and take pictures of anything that strikes me as beautiful or evocative. I'm perpetually working on one story or another, while waiting for enough distance to judge the last one (or more). I'm always working on several projects at once, developing the next book, even as I'm editing the last. Beyond that, there's always plenty of scraps and twists of ideas rolling around in my head, eventually turning themselves into full blown stories.
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17 Responses to Treatment Plans For Self-Inspiration

  1. jmmcdowell says:

    The award is well-deserved!

  2. Julie, you’re too kind!

  3. I want a like button for comments too!!

    Thank you so much chick, I will get up to date on my comments / awards (am behind two now I believe, this is all your fault of course!!!!) on the weekend 🙂

  4. lol – am blog-surfing in a panic as i received a blog and don’t know who to pass it onto. Your post has made me feel sane again. Shame you already have it, was thinking I could pass it on to you! I was flattered to get it but it’s taken so much of my time to try to insert it into my blog and now to pass it on. Thank you *breathes sigh of relief*

    • Julie says:

      Yeah, don’t let them stress you. They’re really meant to be a sign of someone’s regard for you. I know what you mean about it taking time to put the post for them together though. I try to look at it as an opportunity to share those bloggers I enjoy. 🙂

  5. winsomebella says:

    Thank you. You are inspiring to me in many ways and I so appreciate the nod 🙂

  6. OK, I teared up when I read your comment about me! I wish you were here so I could give you a great big hug! I tried to hug the manuscript, but I got papercuts.

    You inspire me as well!!!!!

    • Julie says:

      Okay, no making me cry on a friday. This week already tried it’s best to get me there. Oh, and I have a present for you for my trip back! I picked it up today.

  7. Natasha says:

    “I’m never happy with my progress.” Its funny with me I”m never happy with what I’ve written. Even when its edited about 10 times I always go back the next day or the next to rewrite. Its gotten pretty bad. I even find myself doing it more with blog posts. After I publish a piece (after reading it out loud and silently, and editing it at least 3-4x) I go back the next day and make at least 4 more adjustments.

    I think its coming from being so ‘out there’ with my social networking. I started late in the game (Last October to be exact) and I’m always nervous of what I’ve written, does it make sense, does it convey my feelings, are there spelling errors.

    • Julie says:

      I started this blog fairly late myself. Though it was created almost a year ago, I didn’t really get going with it until the last few days of October last year.

      What I do suggest is that, after a while, a few drafts, walk away from whatever you’ve written. Go do something else, writing or non-writing, doesn’t matter. You won’t gain perspective until you do that. How long you need to walk away for depends on you, but you need to do that. The same can go for blog posts. That’s why there’s a save draft feature 🙂

      Also, keep in mind that no piece of writing is ever perfect. You just take them as far as you reasonably can and then move on to something else, taking the lessons you’ve learned with you. I was lucky enough to learn that with short stories, that there’s a point at which you’re not helping yourself or your story, rather than with novels, so it took less time. I had other lessons to learn with novels. But I’m getting there.

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