Hope Blooming

•September 24, 2014 • 10 Comments

Another personal post. I will get back to talking about writing again at some point, really. Continue reading ‘Hope Blooming’

A Bit of Painful Truth

•September 15, 2014 • 32 Comments

I’ve been trying to avoid this post for a while, both writing and posting it, but I feel like I need to be honest about something, even though I hate the idea of sharing this. It’s very personal and those of you who have been reading this blog for a while will know I don’t tend to post about my personal life here. This blog is about writing, both mine and those of my friends. Today, it isn’t though. And hitting ‘publish’ has been so hard, because I feel like I’ll disappoint people with this truth. But I’m doing it anyway, because I have to. And maybe I’m wrong, and people will understand. I hope so.

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Words Go By

•August 8, 2014 • 7 Comments

… And still I think about you. Bonus points if you know what song I’m paraphrasing here.

In this case, “You” is Eben, the main character in Vintage. He’s been fun to write and I miss him already.

I suppose I ought to post something about how Camp NaNo went, now that we’re a week into August. Some of you might be curious how writing (well, sort of rewriting) Vintage went and where I’m at in general.

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The Blood Spell – The End

•July 29, 2014 • Leave a Comment


Here is the conclusion to my short story, The Blood Spell. Remember, this is the same world as my current WIP, Vintage. It’s a prelude, occurring before that novel. I hope you guys have and will enjoy this story. I loved writing it. :) Please feel free to leave a comment either here or on Mari’s. Tell me what you think, what you liked or didn’t. I’d love to hear from people about this.

Originally posted on Mari Wells:

J. Elizabeth is here to finish her story, I know you all are on pins and needles to know what’s going to happen next.

The Blood began to shiver. They weren’t supposed to get cold, but it shook as if in a blizzard. Jansen lunged forward, but skidded on his knees, colliding with it. The chains pulled them both to a stop. This time, it didn’t scream. Its head snapped back, eyes wide open as tears of blood poured down the pale cheeks.

Lips skinned back to reveal clenched teeth and fangs. Jansen felt a brief flash of pity for the thing before squashing the feeling.

Desperate, he seized the one remaining option, placing his fingertips on the vest-like contraption along the bands that encircled it. The pressure pushed the tips closest to his hands deeper into Cantor’s skin, but it wouldn’t matter how much he hurt the thing if…

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The Blood Spell

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I was invited to join Mari Wells’ month of vampire with a new short story. This is going to be a two-parter, with the second going up tomorrow.
Also, I should mention that this short story is a prelude to the novel I’m writing right now. A taste of it, so to speak. Just in case you needed another reason to read. ;)

Originally posted on Mari Wells:

Today, I’d like to thank J. Elizabeth Hill for being a part of Vampire Month. If you don’t know the amazing @jlizhill, I recommend you all head over to her blog and stalk, I mean, follow her, while you’re off following her, stop by Amazon and pick up her books, (not vampire but still enticing). She agreed to write a vampire story for us. Part 2 tomorrow.
I’ll shut up now and let you get to reading this awesome story.

The Blood Spell
By J. Elizabeth Hill

Jansen grinned at the strange weapon in his hand, using his body to keep it hidden from his prisoner. The dagger was one of a kind, specially made for him. Two slender, double-edged blades sprouted from the guard. The gap between them narrowed but they never actually touched. The hilt was wrapped in black leather. To Jansen, the dagger was a work…

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Why Stop At Winning?

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Camp NaNo has been proceeding well and as you might have guessed from the title of this post, I’ve won. Actually, I won back on July 19th, but I hadn’t gotten around to posting about it for a number of reasons.

For one thing, the story isn’t done. I know, really shocking, that at 50k words, I do not have a complete novel or story. ;)

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Plantsing: Playing with New Toys

•July 19, 2014 • 3 Comments

You know, I really did think I’d post more often during NaNo than this. Eleven days since my last post? Oops. Really didn’t mean to let that happen, but there’s been a bunch of stuff going on and it hasn’t left me a lot of time or mental energy to blog.

However, I figure I should at least say something about my progress on NaNo and with this story. :)

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